Our Story

Founded in 2015, our goal has always been to tell exceptional stories.
STORYBOARD COMPANY was designed to tell stories in a way that entertains, educates, inspires and connects with the audience. We are a content production and content marketing company that believes very strongly in the power of technology and how it enhances storytelling.


Our name is based on the idea that – similar to a real life storyboard, we capture each story from conception to end. The name storyboard also signifies that we are a team of creative storytellers helping people and brands tell stories that matter to them.


We are a content production and content marketing company created out of a need to tell timeless stories.


We are constantly researching and learning about the art of storytelling and technology.


You can't tell great stories without discovering and understanding the world. This is why exploring is a huge part of the STORYBOARD culture.

We are a team of highly creative storytellers and technologists who are not only capable of conceptualizing ideas but also brilliantly executing them with the needs of our clients in mind.

What We Do

Film & Video Production

2D & 3D Animation
Short & Feature Films
Branded Films & Commercials
Digital Shorts & Documentaries


Web/App Design
Graphic Design
Character Design

Writing & Voice

Script Writing
Copy Writing
Editorial Writing
Voice Over & Podcast Production

Tech & Social

Idea Development
Content Strategy
Social Media Campaigns
Tech Solutions