How Brands Can Benefit From IGTV

How Brands Can Benefit From IGTV

Just when we thought short form content was here to rule, Instagram launches IGTV!

IGTV is a new addition to the Instagram platform that allows creators to share portrait-style long-form video content to their Instagram pages. This feature is available either through an updated version of your previously installed Instagram app or through a standalone IGTV app. With this new creation, Instagram plans to go head to head with video giant, YouTube.

Although there are no ads available on the platform just yet, the creation of IGTV could potentially be good news for a lot of brands. It’s all about whether or not they can identify how best to utilize Instagram’s latest feature.

So how exactly can brands benefit from IGTV?  Here are a few ideas!


1. The Return of Branded Content Series

With the original 60 sec limit, many content creators and brands had to make their content short and sweet, but with IGTV there’s a huge potential to create more interesting branded content series that Instagram fans can engage with.

Brands can partner with celebrities and influencers to create and produce high-quality content exclusively offered on their platforms. From cooking series to interviews, online news segments and sports series, there’s a whole world of content ideas to explore. Now is the time for brands to start thinking and functioning like actual media houses. They can draw in more people to their IG channel and operate like TV channels through programmed content. If the potential audience knows they can get weekly exclusive video content from a brand’s channel, they will be more likely to follow and tune in.


2. Heightened Engagement for Cheap

You might wonder how IGTV would be any different from YouTube when it comes to branded content. As great as YouTube is only very few brands actually generate organic engagement with their YouTube content.

This could be because YouTube is a video only platform and without the ability to fully commit to the production of videos, there is a very little chance that you’ll get the engagement you desire. With Instagram, brands can combine a good mix of image and video for their followers. The plus with IGTV being available on the already existing platform is that brands can have everything in one place; thus making their growth potential much higher.

Instead of having an always-on video strategy, brands can conveniently make their video content on IGTV an add-on. This will be a lot cheaper for brands who don’t want to feel pressured to create tons of video content. In addition, IGTV is mobile led and this makes it easy for fans to stay engaged anywhere and anytime; the format is quite friendly and consuming a brand’s IGTV content wouldn’t be much different from watching a friend’s story.


3. Real-Time Storytelling & Audience Closeness

From BTS content showing company culture to branded films; IGTV makes it easy to carry fans along by the click of a button. Brands have the opportunity to share more detail and make fans feel much closer. There’s no doubt that a 60-minute well-told story will always be more impactful than a 10 sec story.

With each new invention comes opportunity, it’s left for marketers and brands to pay attention and seize these storytelling/content marketing opportunities.

Brands like Warby Parker are already starting to pay attention – their 2 min #WearingWarby series which captures the stories of people who wear Warby Parker seems to work perfectly for IGTV.

There’s no doubt that high-quality long-form content has the power to capture and pull in users instantly. Working with a team of professional storytellers to help shape your brand stories is more crucial than ever, especially if key goals include growing your audience and building brand loyalty.