2018 Business Growth Hack: Grow with Content

2018 Business Growth Hack: Grow with Content

Back in the day, business owners relied heavily on TV ads, billboards and flyers to promote their business. While that is still a very relevant form of getting your business out there, you can’t talk about marketing your business in 2018 without talking about content, more specifically digital content.

Content marketing is simply marketing your business through content, which is usually presented through online channels or materials. Last year, we published an article on what counts as content – one can agree that the way in which content is now being consumed is constantly evolving. These days, brands are creating content and giving users a chance to experience it through Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. No matter what form content is presented in, the fact remains – digital content is here to stay.

So why is this relevant to your business?

Well, for one the numbers don’t lie. With high quality content that’s relevant to your target group you can drive leads for your business and also achieve a considerably high ROI (return on investment). Research shows that 80% of people appreciate learning about a company through the custom content they create. Putting out content that aligns with your target market’s interest is a really good way to pull them in.

More so than ever, global brands that have recognized the huge opportunity in content marketing are working tirelessly with content studios like ours to get their products and services out there.

If you scroll through any social media platform, you would see how leading brands like Starbucks, Under Armour and Bark Box are winning with content. From videos, to photos, illustrations and even white papers, brands are gaining cult followership and generating massive revenue simply by telling their stories.

In order to create great content and capture your audience’s attention, you need to be consistent. That’s really where content studios and production houses come in. In such an overwhelmingly massive content consumption climate, business owners often struggle to find their feet.

We get those questions all the time – where should I start from? How do I position my brand? What will I say? Would I benefit from all the content my business is investing in?

It’s okay to not have all the answers at the beginning. The key is testing what works for your business. The first place to start is always to map out your story. Even before you see a content specialist, figure out what is important to you and your business. What need are you trying to provide? What do you want your consumers to feel and think? Some of the answers to these questions are usually in your business plan. When you figure out what you are trying to communicate or what’s important to you then we can help you tell your story.

A well thought out content strategy, content channels and distribution are very important elements of the storytelling process, but always remember that they are secondary to the story. Your story is what pulls in your audience; it’s what keeps them loyal. Without a unique story, you’ll be just another coffee brand or clothing company. It’s the story you sell that eventually sells your business.

Want to grow your business in 2018? The answer is simple – lead with content. Not sure where to start? We’re here to guide you through the process. Connect with our team of content specialists on social media or shoot us an email.

Let’s win with content!